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   I don’t know how many people are going to find this or take time to read this… But for those who have, I am incredibly thankful for your help. Let’s see where this goes… 

United we stand. Divided we fall. 

Xoxo, see you next time.                                    Love,                                                                     SB. (A teenage blogger ;)) 

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The importance of a person’s name.

The one thing that I believe is so important to a person which is given to them after birth is their name. It is a part of their identity.
There are people who have different names, and sometimes we have no idea why they are called so. But, everything has a deeper meaning. The beauty of a person’s name is unparalleled. It is something unique to them, yet something they share with the world.
We all have had our fair share of times where we couldn’t pronounce someone’s name and have miserably and hilariously failed. But we all learn and we correct ourselves. But what about people who deliberately do the same mistakes again?
And by that, I don’t mean it as a joke. If it happens again, it happens with the intention to hurt. And it may seem trivial to someone else, but it means so much more to the person who is subjected to it. It’s driving a person to the point where they are afraid to say their name to someone else, dreading the roll call, hating receiving prizes, hating themselves for being called that way, and slowly learning to hate themselves through that.
Over time, you get the option of changing your name. But you still protest, because it was given to you for a reason. You love the way it sounds coming out of the people you love with so much affection. No one has the right to mock you for it.
And you shouldn’t be scared to show who you are. No matter who it is, you are beautiful. You are you. Your name is a part of you. And you should never be afraid of the power you have and of your identity. I know how much it hurts, when all the mockery is coming from the people closest to you. And if they don’t listen after you ask them to stop, walk away. It will be painful, but it will show you who really respects your identity.
Love yourself no matter what.
I was a person so scared to show myself because of my name. I was bullied continuously for 8 years because of it. But I stood my ground. The hurt may never go away. But you will become stronger. And you will learn to raise your voice. Don’t give space because they’re people you care about, that’s when you should really put your foot down. My name has a total of 23 characters. So what? I love it. It is a part of me. It is who I am. And it is my identity. And so is yours. Be proud.
You are unique.
You are enough.
You are you.
Xoxo, see you next time.

P. S. It’s been quite a while since I last posted, so I’m really sorry for the delay. I’ve completely been swamped and overwhelmed by everything that’s going on and it took me some time to get my life back on track. So thank you for waiting so patiently.

The Reunion

Hey guys! I’m back! Summer holidays just started and I’ve been hanging out with my friends so I completely lost track of time (We went to watch infinity war and my sorry heart cried at the ending. Literally the entire time I was like “What just happened?!?!”). So I wrote a short story sometime back and I thought I’d post it. Here goes nothing.

She walked through the halls. It had been ten years since she had been there. There was a party, but she had strayed away. She preferred to walk the corridors of memory than talk to others about how she’d been these past years.

Of course, everyone knew. The quiet and silent girl who not that many understood or liked had been one of the most successful. Releasing books from the age of sixteen and a successful music career. She was happy, she supposed. She could help others, give them belief that happiness could be found, that everyone had a second chance, even the most unfortunate. But did they really? She had won at life, but lost at love. And everything else didn’t seem to matter anymore.

She trailed her hand along the windows as she walked, thinking. The first time she fell for someone, it ended in heartbreak. All because of one tragic accident on a rainy night in a different country. So she locked everything up and changed everything. Determined.

She finally found true friends and thought she could go on. Until she met him. She knew him before, the idiot. Just another boy. Perhaps too cruel as he rejected one of her friends. She thought he was cruel not because of the rejection, but because of how he treated the poor girl after.

He began talking to her and she kept her guard up. But slowly, she could see that he was not that bad. And, she realized that she was letting her guard down. He cared, that was for sure. He wanted to know everything about her. And slowly she told him her deepest secret. And he was angry.

Angry on her behalf. He said that her past wasn’t her fault and was furious that she had given up on her happy ending. He promised that good things were coming.

And for once, she believed. But without her knowing, she had fallen for him. Her friends approved. But she was terrified. Of losing him. Of how he’d react. She knew everything about him only because he thought she didn’t feel that way.

And slowly the two years came to an end. On the last day, they sat together, all of them. Except him. He was talking to someone else. Another confession. The reply was as expected. He then came over. They spent the rest of the school day talking about their memories and laughing. She remembered how the first time she went over to his place. She left her kerchief and he still had it. And she still had his birthday present to her, a bracelet. He never knew that she carried it around with her.

On the day of the last exam, everyone especially crying. So was she. She remembered how she had hugged all her friends goodbye, thinking that she’d never see them again, perhaps except for a reunion. And she was right. All except her best friend, she’d lost touch with. The two of them had truly been inseparable. She’d been going on tour and they even shared an apartment.

She remembered how the two of them had hugged and he’d asked her “What’s wrong?”. She’d simply replied “You’ll never know, you oblivious idiot.” But the way he’d held her told her otherwise.

After all these years, she still felt the same way. But she hadn’t seen him.

She noticed another had trailing the windowsill opposite her and looked up. It was him. He still looked amazing. In heart and in looks.

He saw her and they came to a stop in front of each other. She held up her hand. He saw. The bracelet was still there, and he understood. She simply stated “I still carry it with me.”

He patted his chest. She looked, on the pocket of his coat was her kerchief. After all these years. “I know. Me too.” he replied. They finally embraced.

He said in a matter of fact tone “You know, I knew that day that it’d never work with anyone else.”

“Yeah. You and your idiotic smile stole my heart.” she said.

“I don’t even know how I fell for your depressed self.” he retorted. After a pause, “I guess we have to tell Arthi and Indra that their ship worked.”

“You knew about that?!?”she asked, surprised and embarrassed.

“Yeah. And I didn’t say anything. It was kind of cute… But also because it had been you. Always.” he confessed.

“Same.” she didn’t have any words to say. She was speechless.

And they walked back together to the party holding hands. Her best friends were shrieking with joy.

Forever began now.

So that’s the end. Unless, you guys don’t want it to be. If you guys want more of a backstory, like their school memories and stuff, let me know. Thanks a lot for reading.

Xoxo, see you next time.


P.S. Would you like some fries will all that cheese? 😉 (Yes I do realize that it is a very cheesy, fluffy story. :P)

The last first day…

Hey, guys!!! I wrote this blog post waaaay back on March 12,which was the day I started 12th grade. It was more of a nostalgic farewell essay-ish thing, but I finally decided to post it. Sorry about the delay. School’s been really busy… ( I certainly have been completely irregular in posting and lately there have been way too many excuses)

I’m going to stop my rambling and get on with the post :

Firsts are important. First day, first step, first laugh, first day at school, first love and so on. But, the lasts are so much more. They lay on countless what-ifs, endless memories, and the most important of them all, the realization that things will never be the same.

I for one, just had my last first day of school. An oxymoron, one would say. As we all are excited about being the senior most of the school, there is a lingering sadness. For some of us, from the start. For the rest, at the end, all at once, an overwhelming sea of emotions.

Sometimes, we wonder how it will be, waking up, knowing you are not going back to the place which has been our home for fourteen long years. That one day, we will see new faces take our places, but the memories of the best time spent never fade away.

We can always talk of reunions, and hope to meet again, but we know it is more for the sake of optimism than anything else. The future is uncertain.

But one thing, that every face in the room, and every person in the hallway can tell you is that we will never forget anyone, and that the days spent in these rooms will be the best days of our lives.

Starting next year, we will be outsiders looking in. But the walls and our seats will still whisper about us, just the way they do now about the ones before us. We can always expect the old feelings to come back, the feeling of home when we step in again.

The days when the biggest problems were hiding our laughter in the middle of class and trying not to get caught eating food, are over. The days where we can go in, expecting to see familiar faces, exchange those secrets glances with our friends, laugh at our inside jokes (generally being complete idiots),and read of every other love story in the corner of the table, and go home that we always have tomorrow to look forward to, are over.

We can only hope, that when we walk in the familiar rooms years later, and sit at our “regular” seats, to find our names written there in our corner of the table, with the words ‘Best Friends’ underneath still there.

Then, we will know that our home is there. No matter whether we meet again, in our hearts, we will still find each other at the first bench, laughing like we had everything in the world.

Growing up is overrated.

The days we have here are numbered, and so much more precious than we know.

Thank you for being a part of my journey, you are the craziest people I love.



Thanks a lot for reading this guys!!! Hope I managed to bring the nostalgia with this one. Writing this was so hard. Being sixteen, and knowing next year I have no more school is scary…

Xoxo, see you next time.

Loving yourself and the way you look…

Hi guys, I have been so irregular lately, and my exams are here *Gulps* They started on the 17th and I had been preparing non stop for it.

I know that this post is making you wonder ‘what does a teenager know about feeling insecure about her body?’

It may seem so, but the reality is that almost every single teenager has these insecurities. More so, now that society has certain “ideal” body types and stereotypical looks for a woman. You have to look a certain way, act a certain way, or society shuns you.

I know the struggle. Waking up, wishing you looked different. Stepping on the weighing machine, hoping to see a miracle. Wishing the dark circles didn’t show. Wishing and wishing. Eating less. Skipping meals. All because someone else pointed out that you gained weight.

To be fair, I didn’t weigh that much. I was 5’5 and weighed a 130 pounds. But, sometimes, it doesn’t matter. All you want is to feel beautiful.

It doesn’t matter. But it takes a lot of time to figure it out. The only thing that matters is that you feel healthy. You feel good.

There are no ideal body types. They are just a myth. Each person is different, that’s what makes us beautiful. Every scar adds to that beauty. You may feel that you aren’t beautiful, that you’re too fat, too short, too tall etc. But nobody is too anything.

The journey is hard, but in the end, you can conquer your goals and your fears only if you feel confident about yourself.

For once, just wake up not caring about what others think and about how you look. It’s liberating.

It’s okay if it takes time. But in the end it matters.

No one should feel insecure about being themselves. The journey is hard, but in the end, it’s worth it.

Love yourself. And the world loves you.

From a former insecure, scaredy cat.

Xoxo, see you next time!


Thank you… 

 Hey guys!

So sorry for not posting for a month. Thank you for being so patient. Before I get to the post, Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!! Kill me for being late. 

This time always feels like a rebirth period for most of us. A new year means 365 new days to try out new things and meet new people. This year, I want all of you to make a promise to follow your heart and do what makes you happy. No matter how ridiculous it is, do it.

I’ve been really irregular in posting because of my finals which are quickly approaching, the school year is almost over, and the hours of revising tthe same things begin. But you guys have been so patient about it and I can’t be more thankful to have you guys as my followers and friends. 

I’ve finally found a safe place in the internet where I can share my thoughts and the things I love with people without worrying about how crazy I sound. That was my new year resolution:To make more people come out and speak about the things they love without worrying about other people judging them. 

Thank you for making it a reality. 

Keep spreading the love and be the kindest you can be. Maybe you’ll make someone’s day better without knowing, but they will be happy and that’s what counts. 

Xoxo, see you next time. 



Having a secret talent… 

Hey guys!

I know, I know, you can scold me all you want for being so irregular with my posts, but, I’m currently halfway through my half yearly exams. Nothing like exams to wrap up the year! Yaaay! At least I have three months of school to cherish. I’m in Class 11,and I only have one more year of school left… But enough of that, let’s get onto the post. 

Have you ever found out that you had a talent that you never knew about, or you did, and you were just scared to let others know?  Or maybe, you were just afraid of being judged by others. This post is somewhat linked to my previous post about being Fearless.

Let me tell you this :I am fairly good at almost everything I try. No, I am not bragging. But I am never the best. And I would rather be bad at something and shine at something than be fairly okay at everything.

But, then I figured out, I am the best, or at the top at some things. And it took my friend to point that out to me. I’ve always been a good dancer, thanks to my years of training. That, I always knew about.

I am an alright artist:

That is one of my fangirl drawings. 

But, the thing that really surprised me, was that I was also a good singer. It was just a day in class, and I don’t really sing in front of others because it makes me highly self conscious.  But I sang to my best friend, and she said that maybe I should try out for the musical. I didn’t, but I did promise her that I would start a YouTube channel. And I never break a promise.

So here it is folks. And my mom heard one of my covers on my phone and she decided that she was going to get me a professional microphone and recorder at home. So, after a few weeks, following a face reveal, I will be announcing my YT channel. Thanks to everyone who’s supported me, and from my first follower to the last. 

And I just made this post to say that, you guys should go after what you really want. No matter what others think, if you like it go for it. Criticism is a part of life, but they should make you grow, not make you afraid. Dreams are only the direction, your choices are the path. And YOU are the top boss. You might even surprise yourself.

Years ago, I was so scared of revealing myself, but now I’m not. Because I want to grow, and only my fears were limiting me. So don’t let your fears limit you. Go live your dreams.

Xoxo, see you next time. 

PS. Got a few exciting stuff to announce in the upcoming posts. So stay tuned. Love you guys! 🙂 

School series #2: The body shamer. 

Hi guys!

I know it’s been over a week since I blogged, but I’ve been drowning in my school work. And I was deliberating whether or not  I should post this. And I decided, well. You know from the title. I’m not going keep you waiting. 

You know when you have a friend, and he does something stupid or says something stupid that you begin to question just how you became friends with someone so shallow? Well, I’ve reached that point.

And I’m not the kind of person who would just keep putting things off. If I think that some thing’s wrong, then I would speak out. And I did.

So this is how it went. My “friend” contacts me and he said that he was going to the gym and that I should join him. I thanked him, but denied the offer. I told him that because I’m a dancer (I’m on my 9th year in ballet now.) I get plenty of exercise. And that I wanted to score well in my finals. He said: “So what? You’re fat.” I told him that I’m not. I just liked wearing loose clothes and our school uniforms were always a good two sizes big.
And he told me that I did not have “proper body proportions of a woman.” That did it for me. I told him that I liked the way I was and each person’s different and the stereotypes do not fit everyone. 
I should have known. Two years ago, he made a comment about my friend. She was a little on the chubby side. But we all do love her. It’s whats on the inside that counts. 

And I am different. Just because I’m a 38,28,40 doesn’t mean that I should flaunt my small waist or wear tight fitting clothes. I looked the way I look because of years of practice and exercises which tone a dancer in a certain way. What bothered me was the stereotypes. Every person is different and looks different.

Some of us are tall, some are short. Some are thin, and some might be a little chubby. But as long as you like the way you are, then no one can change you. No one should change you or make you feel insecure about yourself. 

No matter where you go, you are going to attract criticism. But that gives no one a right to body shame YOU or anyone around you.

So if you see anything like this happening, give them a piece of your mind. You are different. And that’s what makes you unique.

Xoxo, see you next time. 

P.S. I know that this is different from my regular posts, but I just had to speak out. Do comment your thoughts on this post below and share your instances too. 🙂 

Why I started this blog. 

Before I start this post a  HUGE shoutout to DGGYST. I really love her and you should check her out. She just started her second blog, Insomnia girl. You guys should check that out too. Thanks so much for your advice and your comments.

There! Hey guys. I’ve had a crazy week. From exams to my stupid medical complications to fainting and having no one except my mom and my friends to help me.

But, here’s the thing : only my mom and two of my closest friends know about my blog. (Hi Mom!) Why? Because I wanted every single follower to be my follower because they genuinely like my blog. Sure, I may not have as many as the next person but I am content.


A lot of people who found out about my blog have been repeatedly asking me why I started this blog. “You have your parents, your friends, and so many people who can help you. Why would you start a blog and ask others for advice, or talk to others?” Blah blah blah.

Here’s the thing : The internet is terrifying. There’s cyber bullying, random people talking crap about you, and a whole lot of other stuff. I wanted to create my own place where others and I can converse in peace. Without judgment, without quarrels and fights. Just a safe place. I wanted to create a family.

And the people online are not going to stick to you just because you’re their “friend”. They could genuinely help you.

And more than anything : I’ve been through a lot, and I want to help others. And nobody can stop me. I love this. It feels good to let out your feelings and thoughts somewhere.

I love you guys, and thank you for taking the time to read through my mental rant.

Xoxo, see you next time. 

School series #1: Encounter with a buzzkill. 

We all have had this experience and no denying it. Let’s say that you have a chance to do, an opportunity to try and get the thing that you want the most. Or just something new that you’re really excited for. You’re just jumping up and down in joy that you get to atleast try to get closer to your goal: be it that exciting internship program, or that essay competition, or even something as trivial as a lottery. But that doesn’t matter. To others, it may be trivial, but if it matters to YOU, then that’s all matters.

Then comes the BUZZKILL: that one annoying person who tells you that you can’t get selected for the program, or win that competition, or the lottery. And you know what, sometimes they sound sooooo convincing that you begin to question yourself. You really start wondering : Can I do it? Am I really that special?

Let me tell you: you never know unless you try. It’s okay if you can’t get in. It’s okay if you failed. But those are experiences. If you can take that step, then nothing can stop you from being the best the next time. Take every opportunity. Take every step. It’s okay if you’re scared. But you will learn. And you will try. You learn more from your mistakes than from your successes. Go ahead. Try.

And one day, you will be able to do it.

Just a little thing you should think about. 🙂

Xoxo, see you next time.

Why letting go is hard.

Hi guys!

I am sooooo sorry I’ve been so inconsistent lately.

It’s because there’s been a fricking rainstorm here lately, and a flood is about to start here… Oh gosh. But I love this weather. And so far, no one’s been hurt. And, I just wantes to let you know that I may not be posting properly for the next few days, as there’s not that much charge left on my phone and we don’t know when the powers going off.

But more on that later.

A friend asked me a few days ago, why I never let go, never gave up on some things, even though so far my efforts seemed to be futile. And I told him : “Sometimes holding on is the strongest you could be. And if you do give up, it’s always when you’re too close. And then you give it up in the moment you could have actually got it. That moment, was the moment you would have been a winner, and you gave it up. ” 

 And that’s the truth. And there’s no such thing as “letting go”, not completely. There’s always some kind of residue. 

For example, if you’ve ever gone ice skating, have you noticed that after you’re done, when you’re walking, your feet seem to be moving as if you’re still in the rink. And it takes some time for you to go back to normal. The same it is with a dancer, if you choose to stop dancing, and after a year, someone asks you to dance, you still can. You may be stiff, but you still can. You remember it. 

And, I’m telling you, you should. Don’t give up because it’s too hard. In fact, that’s when you know that you are in the right track. That you’re closer to your goal. Just don’t give up. I know it’s hard. You might be dangling off the edge, but hold on. Don’t let go, and I can guarantee you that you will be happy. I can guarantee you that you will one day look at the people who told you that you couldn’t do it, and smile. Because YOU CAN. AND YOU WILL. 

And one day, when you see someone struggling like you, you can tell them to hang in there, because they can do it. And you can stand by them, and be a guide. And a lot of people need that. 
Take that step. Don’t be afraid. Because no matter what, you can do it. And there’s always someone by you. And I am also with you. 

So, no matter what problem you have, you can think of me and talk to me. I’m there with you. 🙂 And I’d like to help.

Xoxo, see you next time. 

P.S. Are there any struggles that you have overcome lately? 

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